SCIAM is an innovation and organizational transformation consulting firm.


Our team of experts is mobilized on a daily basis to understand your organization, its problems and expectations as best as possible, and thus be able to offer tailored, innovative and operational consulting.

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We carry out certain business-critical IT projects which require advanced technical and / or functional expertise at a fixed rate. Using tailor-made methodologies, our team is here to accompany you in making adapted decisions for your business’ future.

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In partnership with the first school of collective intelligence that we co-founded within the Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, we have developed a dense and comprehensive training curriculum, which makes tangible the concepts of collective intelligence and behavioral science. These training courses are adapted to the constraints and needs of your organization, and delivered in an innovative way to make the link between the state of the art and your operational needs. May you need further information about our training program, please contact

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In collaboration with the École normale supérieure and the UM6P, we conduct cutting-edge research on cognitive science, behavioral science and collective intelligence in order to constantly develop our expertise in scientifically proven transformation methods.

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